9 dollars and up

Jacked Gymnastics

Jacked Gymnastics was initially established solely for the purpose of helping fitness athletes develop their Gymnastics specific to their sport. They offer pure Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning programs geared towards developing higher skill attainment. They offer a series of different programming and coaching options depending on your individual needs, ability and goals. (Source http://www.jackedgymnastics.com)

Price: 9,99 dollars per month.

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13 dollars and up


ROMWOD is a daily online Yin stretching routines for athletes. Based on ancient Kung Fu techniques that strengthen and open joints resulting in optimal range of motion. (Source https://romwod.com)

Price: Individual use 13,75 and Affiliate use 24,95 dollars a month.

More information from https://romwod.com

29 pounds and up

The Training Plan

The Training Plan by Jami Tikkanen is more than another training program for athletes in competitive fitness. Their mission is to help you to become the athlete you want to be. Whether your goal is to thrive at local competitions or to stand on the podium at the Crossfit Games, their commitment is to provide you with the right programming and guidance for your journey. (Source www.thetrainingplan.co)

Price: 29, 39 and 59 pounds a month.

More information from www.thetrainingplan.co

30 € and up

Aerobic Capacity

Handcrafted and designed by CrossFit Endurance Specialist. Designed for the fitness to competitive athlete, it is a personalized weekly endurance program by Chris Hinshaw. Programs will develop your engine and stamina, to boost your performance and resistant to fatigue at the same time (Source www.aerobiccapacity.com)

Price: from 30€ and up in a month. Different versions and options.

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Weightlifting101.net is FREE program. Main interest is to develop “barbell athletes” for crossfit, which encompasses much more than the demands in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Periodized training witch is a combination of strength training and weightlifting. (Source www.weightlifting.net)

Price: FREE

More information from www.weightlifting101.net

45 dollars and up

The System

The System is a training template designed by Mikko Salo. The System has a goal that you will reach your maximal athletic potential. The System will create rock solid aerobic base where we can rely on. The System don’t forget to develop our skills and strength numbers either. (Source www.wodconnect.com/the_system)

Price: 45 and 49 dollars a month.

More information from https://www.wodconnect.com/the_system


Built By Bergeron

CompTrain by Ben Bergeron is for any athlete who wants to compete in the sport of CrossFit. It is specifically those who are focused on maximizing their Open and/or Regional performances. What they mean by that is, that the program is built around getting you ready for the CrossFit Games season (Feb-June). We are looking develop what we call the Three-Headed Monster. The top athletes in our sport have Strength, Skills, and Conditioning.Your goal is to be feeding the monster at the same time, every day. (Source www.builtbybergeron.com)

Price: Free